France- Weeks 2 and 3

I can’t believe there is only one more week left here.

The last two weeks were very good, and they have completely flown by. Last Sunday was the 20th anniversary of the Calvary Chapel of Nice, which is the church we attend here. There was a really big celebration after church, and many people had actually flown over from Seattle to be there for it. (The pastor and his wife were members of the Calvary Chapel of Seattle before deciding to plant a church here in Nice). The current pastor from the Seattle location actually gave a message in English, and it was translated into French. It has been really neat  hearing so much English after the services, although a bit odd at the same time! I have kind of gotten used to being the odd one out, I guess!

The last two weeks we held early evening ESL classes for local kids. During the school year the interns help them with their homework after school and do some tutoring and games, but now that school is over, my hosts are wanting to try out this program to both help them with their language skills as well as maintain some contact during the summer. It has been kind of funny that we are learning French as they are learning English (although most of them are certainly more advanced in English than we are in French…I definitely can’t hold much of a conversation haha, but it has been a good experience!).

In the mornings we are continuing to have some prayer and devotional time, and on Friday mornings we go prayer walking through the community. I have also done it during free time a few times with people here. We had a few exciting things last week in honor of the church’s anniversary, and helped out with a few of those events. There was one street preaching event that caused some people to stop and ask questions, which was really awesome to see. (This was not done in a Pit Preacher way, do not worry!) Later that evening there was a message spoken by the son of the Calvary pastor from Seattle, and Friday they opened the coffee shop in the evening for a gathering.

Last week, on June 21st, was the big “Fete de Musique” where basically anyone can be in the streets blasting music/being a DJ, so that was a lot of fun : ) We got some pizza and hung out on the beach while listening to all of the many…many different sources of music. The next day, on Saturday, one of the girls here and I took the train to Monaco for the day. It was great! I have a Facebook album of the pictures, I really can’t accurately describe it on here. It was a beautiful day though, so we were very lucky, and were able to jump from a dock into the ocean, see the casinos and the palace, go to the beach, and so forth. Yesterday I did the same thing where I was able to take the train to Ventimiglia in Italy, and today was spent with the team from Seattle before they head on to their next location.

This week will be (Lord willing) very busy since it is our last, and we want to try and fit in as much as possible. I know I am sounding like a broken record here, but I truly can’t believe how quickly it is has gone by. We all agree the days must go faster in Nice than the rest of the world. There is a great deal more to put, but for the sake of length, I will say that one again I am so appreciative to everyone who has been sending me messages from the U.S. as well as prayers. As sad as I will be to leave here, I am very much homesick for the people from home more than America itself (haha).

Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “France- Weeks 2 and 3

  1. So I’ve been reading your blog for a weeks now (discovered via Lara Casey’s blog post about your awesome nannying skills!) and I thought I’d finally comment and say hello. I’ve so enjoyed reading your thoughts on ministry leading up to your mission trip and it makes my heart so happy to read this update and hear that you’re having such a blessed time in Nice doing the Lord’s work. God bless your last week there and have a safe journey home! 🙂

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